mimibibi goes live!

It’s been a very intense few weeks getting everything prepared for this moment, now it’s finally here! It’s a very exciting time for us. Our business website is now live and we are already accepting new projects doing what we love most, helping businesses find themselves in the online world so that they can enjoy the benefits of online success!

I think it’s worth giving you a little bit of backstory on us to explain exactly how we got here.

mimibibi is a dedicated 2-person team based in rural Spain, just outside the beautiful city of Tortosa. We moved to Spain not too long ago from London, UK. Our dream of escaping the repetitive chaos of big-city life for a much simpler existence surrounded by nature and tranquility meant we had to leave the city to find it, and indeed the country altogether. 

Both of us have always loved Spain, for it’s welcoming people, it’s interesting culture, the delicious food, the flawless climate and of course it’s beautiful landscapes. Naturally, we jumped at the opportunity to sell everything we own and buy a small finca here with some land and setup our own business. We really worked hard and planned every step of the way to make sure our dream could come true. We had a feeling we could create a successful web design business if we combined our knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. Going out into the real world from day one allowed us to start making local connections and friends too. That’s exactly what happened, we had already completed a few projects for local clients before our very own website was even completed – a great start! 

Now that we are live and ready to tackle some exciting projects, the journey really begins. We hope that you can take a little bit of time to enjoy exploring our website and perhaps it could even give you some ideas for your own project.

Above all, the message we would like to give is that we are real people with a friendly, approachable attitude to business. We love to have conversations and get excited about new ideas with our clients whenever possible. If you have some ideas, or indeed you would like us to think of some for you, get in touch with us and we’ll find a way to make it possible.